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  40D22TR-3 ultrasonic sensor


This specification includes 40D22TR-3 ultrasonic sensor size, characteristics, performance parameters and precautions, before using this product, please read this specification. 40D22TR-3 has the functions of transmitter and receiver.



Part Number 40D22TR-3
Construction Assembled Type
Using Method Receiver and Transmitter
Nominal Frequency 40.0±1.0KHz
Sound Pressure 105dB min
Sensitivity -82dB min.
Ringing 1.2ms max
Capacitance 1800Pf±20%
Max. Input Voltage 120Vp-p
Directivity 80°±15°(-6dB)
Distance of Detection 0.4~2m
Resolution 10mm
Operating Temperature -40℃~+80℃
Storage Temperature -40℃~+85℃
Material of Cover Plastic



1, Small size and light-weight
2, High sensitivity and high sound pressure
3, Low power consumption
4, High reliability


1, Please do not apply D.C.voltage for ultrasonic sensors to avoid migration.
2, Because the sensors have potential direction, please pay attention to its installation location.
3,To ensure reliability and long service life, do not use the sensors where temperature is higher than the rated.
4, Can not use the sensors in a vacuum zone or hazardous areas.
5, Do not use in a steam zone, the area of the atmosphere produce uneven temperature gradient will lead to measurement error.
6, The products should not be used or stored in a corrosive atmosphere, especially where chloride gas, sulfide gas, acid, alkali, salt or the like are present. Store the products in the room where is normal temperature and humidity, and avoid the sunlight, sudden changes in temperature and humidity. It may cause of failure or malfunction in such conditions.
7, If you will apply to non-standard frequency and other special conditions, please inform us the specific work conditions and the circuit you need, in order to make sensors to meet your specific requirements.


1, No OSENON products should be used or sold for use in the design, utilization, maintenance, operation or contribution to any weapons such as nuclear, chemical or biological weapons or missiles etc.
2, Please contact our sales representatives or product engineers before using the product in this catalog for the applications listed below, which require especially high reliability for the prevention of defects which might directly damage a third party’s life, body or property:
①Aircraft equipment ②Aerospace equipment ③Undersea equipment ④Power plant equipment ⑤Medical equipment ⑥Transportation equipment(vehicles, trains, ships, etc.) ⑦Traffic signal equipment ⑧Disaster prevention/ crime prevention equipment ⑨Data-processing equipment ⑩Application of similar complexity and/or reliability requirements to the applications listed above.
3, OSENON technical team constantly improve the technology, we reserve the right to change the appearance or product specifications without notice.Please pay attention to OSENON's website for the latest news.

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