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A60F-2D2 Anemometer




A60F-2D2 anemometer is an instrument using the difference of the ultrasonic flight time in the air to measure wind speed and wind direction. Its internal heating device can make sure the equipment work well in the winter, and various output mode options can meet different industry standards, which makes the operations more simple and convenient.

Compared with the traditional mechanical anemometers, the ultrasonic anemometers have much advantages as follows:

● No moving parts, less wear;

● Low maintenance, long service life;

● Fast response;

Compared with the current foreign and domestic products, the ultrasonic detection of A60F-2D2 uses all-digital signal processing.

Although traditional analog signal detection methods have faster response, lower cost than digital signal methods, these ways demand the stability of the device and the external environment high, which are difficult to achieve high performance detection. However, The wind speed and direction measuring demand low to the response rate of the instrument, but high to the environment range. So A60F-2D2 choose all-digital signal processing, which made it more accurate and intelligent.

The advantages:

● Using sound wave phase compensation technique, have higher accuracy;

● Using random error recognition technology, it make sure low disperse

errors even if in strong wind, that makes the output more stable;

● Using weather compensation for rain and fog technique, make the

instrument have a strong ability to adapt to various weather;

● Using digital filter technology, make the instrument have stronger

resistance to electromagnetic interference;





A60F-2D2 is an ultrasonic anemometer which have all digital signal detection, high accuracy, automatically heating ability against snow and ice. It can achieve real-time measurement of wind speed, wind direction and acoustic temperature.

Equipment is connected by an 8-pin waterproof plug.

Measurement results has several output modes :

RS485/RS422 output

NMEA0813 protocol;

Modbus-RTL protocol;

Analogue output

4-20mA current output for wind speed and wind direction;

2-500Hz pulse output for wind speed, 4-20mA current output for wind direction;

1 Wind speed and direction

Ultrasonic anemometer send and receive ultrasonic using four ultrasonic sensors in the two-dimensional plane. It measure wind speed and wind direction using ultrasonic flight time difference in the air.

2 Acoustic temperature

Ultrasonic anemometer can calculate the sound speed in the air by ultrasonic flight time, and thus calculate the temperature through the physical relationship between temperature and sound speed.

3 Automatic Heating

To prevent ultrasonic sensors frozen by cold air, so as to affect the result and cause serious damage to the instruments, an automatically heating device is installed in the anemometer to ensure the instrument work well in serious cold environment.


1 Power supply

Work power supply: 24V±20% / 0.2A

Heating power supply: 24V±20% / 3A

2 Wind Speed

Measure range: 0~60m/s

Accuracy: <=10m/s: ±0.2m/s

            >10m/s: <±1.5% (FS)

Resolution: NMEA protocol: 0.1 m/s

          Other protocol 0.01m/s

3 Wind direction

Measure range: 0~360°

Accuracy: ±1°

Resolution: 0.1°

4 Temperature

Measure range: -40°C ~60°C

Accuracy: ±C

Resolution: 0.1°C

5 Output mode

Analogue output: 4~20mA, 0~20mA

Digital output: RS422, RS485

Communication protocol: NMEA0183·WIMWV

Sample rate: 1Hz~10Hz

6 Operation environment

Storage temperature: -50°C ~80°C

Work temperature: -40°C ~60°C

Protection Type: IP66

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